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Which Speaker system is a great bargain but at the same time giving great quality? I recently had my speakers die on me... (bye bye subwoofer) and I'm looking for a new one... any suggestions?
you should take a look at the logitech speakers
Yes the logitech are the best buy right now, pompoen I am guessing you are talkinga bout the Z560-THX
These speakers are great, the subwoofer is extremely powerful(maybee too much if such thing can be said, and each speaker has a very good response to any kind of sound that goes trought them. Games, movies, music they will leave you breathless so will the price. At around 160 almost everywhere(even cheaper if you search a little) they outperfomr the expansive KLipsch 4.1. I am getting these speakers myself and having testing them at my friends house i can tell you that the falling of stuff on a near by shelf, due to the subwoofer convinced me

You can also look out for review or go on logitech website where i think all the links about the z560 are there.
yeah thats what is was talking about

thanks for adding that
Hmm...yeah the logitech are great speakers....but i'm in a fix now..
I have a friend that works at a distributor/supplier....he can get me speakers from Creative or Altec Lansing...low end to high end stuff at the price he gets the stuff for..at his cost price basically.

He can't get any of the logitech z-560...so which speakers would you guys suggest from these 2 companies??

Sound = Power (Watts). I dont know much about the 2 companies speakers you want, but I do know my audio. All the good sounding speakers for a PC have 400 Watts+ RMS total system power. It also just happened I was at Bestbuy a couple days ago, and I was fooling around with there speakers. They had a 400 Watt Altec Lansing system there that sounded good, but it still didnt match the THX certified systems clarity! If I was you I would ditch your friend and find some Logitech Z560-THX. The best bang for you buck. Good luck.
i would get antec lansing. i'm sure they both gonna be real good speakers but the creative speakers looks like opening the door too fast will blow them off your desk
Thanks Rudy and Pompoen...

Does Altec Lansing even have THX certified speakers?
I was looking at the Altec Lansing 641....
and the logitch Z-560..heh heh
Creative is out of the picture...too expensive and powerful....
So now its down to these 2...
[mi6] GRiD
I was at Costco the other day and I played with the Altec Lansing 2100 2.1 enhanced speakers. I was very impressed. This is coming from a guy who has two 8" 2-way house towers and 2 10" car subs on his comp. They were loud, clear and the bass was good.

here's the link to Altec's page for the 2100.

Check them out. If your friend can get them at cost, I think they would be a great deal.
RudyR1999, not the Logitech 560, Klipsch 4.1, nor the Altec 641 speakers are 400Watt RMS. They are 400Watt, "rated" differently by each company. All three are around true 200Watt RMS.

I've heard tons of Logitech's breaking due to poor build quality. Usualy the sub goes, and my guess would be that the amp is the part that fails in the sub, probably due to overheating. I would either go with the Altec 641's or spend more money on the Klipsch 5.1's.
If you are looking for quality and cheap at the same time, remember, you get what you pay for. With that said, I purchased a system from Midland about 6 months ago. The satellites have 3 inch midrange and 1 inch tweeters. The sub-woofer is a 6 inch. Total system power is 50watts. No, not the most powerful, but clarity is very good and the bass rumbles the floor. The cost, about $30.

Also remember, just because you have several hundred watts of power, doesn't mean that the clarity will match the power. One watt can be loud and clear if the speaker design is efficient and can handle the full power without distortion.

Many people think that more is better (sadly my son is one of them ) They buy huge amps and then buy "name brand" speakers only to find that they distort with only a fraction of the amps output.

My 2 cents worth
Thanks Rammy..heh heh

Turns out that the Altec Lansing 641's are temporarily backordered from the manufacturer....and the Logitech's i would have to buy at retail price + 15% tax...

I took a look at creative...and that seems to be alright...
I've tried Altec lansing speakers before, same with Harman kardon...and some others...and not willing to pay for Klipsch Pro Media's...heh heh so i think i'll give creative a chance this time...to see how they perform

Creative Inspire 5.1 Digital 5700....
please dont buy the 5700 speakers, i asked for some info about them at an official creative reseller once but even he said they were a waste off money
I hear Creative has really crappy subwoofers...
I use Altec Lansing myself. I think they're the best speakers you could buy aside from just hooking up an actual stereo to the computer (which I'll be doing again soon).
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I have a set of Cambridge SoundWorks FSP1800 and I have been really pleased with them.. 4.1 surround and 54 watts (strange number ??) but there is TONS of bass and a very nice sound... I mean they are no Kilpsch ProMedias.. but I would recomend them..

- Cheers