I can't wait any more. The first part of my new system build can just as easily go into my existing clunker: a solid state drive.


My needs are modest. Currently I'm using very little of a 120 GB drive, and I've calculated that a 60 GB will keep me happy for a long time-- after all, I want to speed up the OS, web browsing, and World of Warcraft. OCZ makes good products that are reasonably priced, and there are two similar ones on Amazon: the Summit and the Agility.


Summit: OCZ   Amazon

Agility: OCZ   Amazon


The Agility seems to have a very slight advantage in read and write speeds, at least according to OCZ's website (at least for the 60 GB rendition). I don't think it's enough to notice in the course of a day's work. They're also about the same price.


I'd like to use my "flexible friend" to buy one of these in the next week, unless someone has a truly compelling reason not to (such as an imminent release of something twice as fast for half as much). What is the considered opinion of you HotHardware readers about these two drives?


The Summit seems to have better write speeds, that is the only real difference I could find. If you want the Agility though it seems there is a $30 rebate at tigerdirect and compUSA (linked from the OCZ site).

Write: Up to 135 MB/s       

Sustained Write: Up to 80 MB/S

for the Agility vs.

Write: Up to 125MB/s       

Sustained Write: Up to 120MB/s

for the Summit.

Super Dave

The reviews that I read showed the two drives to be close in performance. The Agility does seem to have a slight speed advantage over the Summit, even though the Summit has twice the cache. HERE and HERE are some very good articles on those drives, ClemSnide.


The reason the write speeds goes down on the smaller drives is due to less parallelism, the larger drives are basically parallel versions of the small drives put together in a psuedo-raid configuration.

Just saying, when looking at the few reviews I've seen for these series of drives, they seem to usually use the 120 or 250 GB models.

Super Dave

Take a look at THIS article, ClemSnide. Hopefully it will help you make the best choice when you finally decide to use your 'flexible-friend'!


Thanks, Soupstyle and SuperDave! Anandtech is one of the sites I depend on for technical info, but I missed that article and it's good reading. And that price at TigerDirect (who'da thunk it?) was so good that I opted for the Agility without even waiting for my Scottish frugality to kick in. All told, it was $156 (though the rebate site holds the $30 hostage for two months if you don't opt for their $3 "express" service).

Anand Lal Shimpi sort of likes SSDs:

It’s the difference between a hang glider and the space shuttle; both will fly, it’s just that one takes you to space.

Looks like I'll be going into space in 7-10 business days plus the inevitable UPS goofup delay time.


You guys saved me money and hassles; if you're ever in Philly, stop by for coffee and donuts!


I used to be a big Anand reader, but their reviews stopped being objective and unbiased and I couldn't stand the poor writing standard there. That's when I switched over to HH a few years ago.


Update: The SSD is in limbo, by which I mean that it's being held by UPS, and not that it's hanging out with unbaptized babies. I honestly think that UPS doesn't even have delivery vans any more-- they have a guy on a moped that slaps those info-notices on your door at random times of the day, causing you to go to the terminal. As 3vi1 said, a dream business model.


But if all goes well I'll have it to-morrow and will post about the installation experience.

Super Dave

Well THAT sucks! Fortunately we still have FedEx and the good ol' USPS.


I personally hate UPS, they have lost more than a few packages of mine, while I've never had any problem with FedEx or the trusty USPS. (DHL is the worst, imo though) I seem to always have to go get my package at the willcall pickup from UPS while USPS and FedEx always are fast and on time.

I hope you post up your experience with your SSD soon, if it is as good as they say, I might get one for when win7 gets released.

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