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Logitech's Harmony remote lineup has been pleasing affluent A/Venthusiasts for ages now, but the company's universal devices havehardly ever suited the low-end crowd. All that changes today, or atleast it does if you consider $150 to be "low-end." The Harmony 700offers up a lot of the same controlling features found on some of thecompany's higher-end units, but at a price that's much less than thestickers found on other units.

Designed to control up to six components at a time, the remote packs acolor display, rechargeable AA batteries and one-click control of manyof your favorite activities. In short, this remote can be programmed toturn on your TV, DVD player, audio system and even turn down yourmusic--with one single button press. You simply program your remote tohandle those tasks when you mash the "Watch a DVD" command, and justlike that, everything clicks.

Users can also check our the favorite channels on the color display,and if you're concerned about the setup process, don't be. Owners canhook this up to their PC or Mac, and once it's linked, they can tapinto Logitech's online database of over 250,000 devices in order toprogram practically any A/V component ever made. As we stated, this onewill be available in the US and Europe later this month for $149.99.