I have an old P4 computer that I've been using constantly for about 5 years, about a month ago the Power Supply (500W) started making a high-pitch sound - so a few weeks ago I went to a local store - bought a new one (525W) and put it in ...

Everything worked fine at first (simply browsing the net, etc... basic stuff) until 4 days later we tried to play Unreal Tournement and within the first 30seconds in-game the computer simply powered off - this was reproducible on-demand... This also started occuring sometimes when watching shows (either AVI or streamed on the web)...

The only way to get the computer to power on again is to flip the switch in the back (on the Power Supply), wait 30-45 seconds, switch it back, and then power on the PC... Then everything works fine until the next time.

Obvisouly my first reaction was "defective power supply", so I returned it and replaced it with another one (same model) - first thing I did was test playing Unreal Tournement and movies and it worked fine for the first 3-4 days ... now yesturday while streaming sosme TV shows it happened again ...

That's pretty much the entire story ... my question ... how do I troubleshoot the issue?
- Is this a video card issue (only occurs when playing games or watching movies)?
- Is it a power supply issue (too strong? not compatible? sucks because no more return)
... RAM ...  Mobo ...? did I just get unlucky?

Is there something I can install, some kind of monitoring software? Something that can help indicate where the issue lies ... Given that this is intermittent I can't just start removing hardware piece-by-piece...

Any advice would be much appreciated...


usually when you have the computer just shut off like that its one of two things. Power issue or the CPU is overheating and shutting down to prevent damage to its self.
Both gaming and videos work your CPU a good bit, so I am leaning to over heat from what you said.  and open it. Let me know the temps that it gives you on the first tab. If you want you can go to the charts tab and see what they go up to whe video is being played.

Also what model and brand is the new power supply?


Manufacturer is SUPREME POWER


Never heard of them and I am having a hard time finding anything online for them. I would personally search out a better brand PSU.


Ya - some no-name brand ... I didn't want to spent any significant $ on the old PC ...


Yeah I feel you. It may not be your problem. It still very well could be heat. Did you check the temps by chance?


Ya - all within norms of what they were before ... CPU is always under 52 and mobo around 35 (case open) ...

I ran SANDRA diag test - went through perfectly fine ... then 4 hours later (so PC cooled down) I double-click on the Report.txt and it bombed....

Could this have anything to do with Windows? New device (PS)?"


I know Toshibas had a bug for a while that caused power issues when a few BIOS revisions....

Double check your mobo mfg's website for BIOS update maybe? Also, it could very well be instability from the PSU cause the computer to "think" there is power failure and shut itself off....find a friend or take it to Geek Squad or something and have them use a test PSU to see if anything changes