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Enthusiast level hardware is exciting, especially if you can make use of its full potential. When Intel released the monster 3.33GHz Core i7 975 processor, they laid claim to the highest performing desktop CPU on the market. Interestingly enough, they were competing with themselves as the 3.2GHz 965 held the pole position up to that point. But the new model was welcome as it brought with it the new D0 stepping which lowered operating voltage requirements, tightened up memory timings and brought slightly cooler temperatures. Of course enthusiasts also noticed another tangible benefit in the form of higher overclocking headroom.

Intel's Extreme Edition processors are not for everybody. Economically, they just don't make much sense for mainstream users. These extravagant chips were designed for smaller segment of the market where the consumers who buy them tend to push their hardware a lot harder than most folks. Here, workstation professionals, overclockers, benchmark freaks, and extreme enthusiasts spend as much time tweaking system settings for optimal performance as they do operating their computers. Besides the small speed bump that the 975 features at its stock settings, the main advantage it has over its more affordable siblings is an unlocked multiplier which provides coveted flexibility to overclockers as they push core speeds to new heights. If overclocking is an art, using an Extreme Edition processor is like painting with the finest tools on an immaculate canvas.

In order to push the limits of the 975, we decided to leave the safe confines of air cooling and enter the precarious world of sub-zero chilling. Liquid nitrogen, or LN2, is commonly used as a coolant within the overclocking scene and can reach much lower temperatures than air, water, or the phase change cooling you may be accustomed to. While we are used to seeing processors operate in air-cooled settings of around 40'C, the use of LN2 will allow us to push clock speeds all the way down in the -80'C range in order to unlock the overclocking capabilities of both the motherboard and CPU. We paired a Core i7 975 processor with the EVGA X58 Classified motherboard to find out just how far we can go with the X58 platform and Intel's current flagship CPU...

Core i7 Extreme Overclocking with LN2

Super Dave

I really like reading articles like this one, and I want to thank HotHardware for posting it. That is an amazingly-fast Super Pi run, too!


I agree nice article.Also thats a killer looking board.


What gives with the poor 3DMARK06 results ? I get 28830 with my system. Current Rig is

i975 @ 4.38ghz stable on water

Swiftech GTZ CPU Block

OCZ Platinum 7,7,7 1600mhz  2 x 6 GB Kit

2 x 280GTX @ 700mhz


Coolermaster CM830 NVIDIA edition case

Coolermaster 1200W PSU

4 x 1TB Samsung HDD, 2 in RAID 0

2 x 16X DVD burners

Windows XP32/X64

Seems to me this should be slower coz it certainly is a lot cheaper and less hassle to get those numbers.


That must have been a hell of a lot of fun to do. Great article.