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For the last several years AMD has had a series of excellent mainstream chipsets. First with the original 690G which offered a wealth of features and surprisingly competent IGP performance. Then later with the 780G and 790GX chipsets which added a little more of everything, while keeping the price palatable. Now AMD is ready to kick it up another notch with today's announcement of the new 785G chipset.

You might not be entirely surprised to hear the 785G being announced. The 785G is one of the worst kept secrets this season, with plenty of leaks and glimpses over the past month. However, today we are able to bring you full coverage of the new chipset with a complete shakedown on our test bench. We have three retail samples in our lab from ASUS and Gigabyte, and we're going to lay them out spread eagle before your ogling eyes. But first, let's check out what's new in AMD's latest mainstream chipset...

AMD 785G Chipset Launch: ASUS and Gigabyte



I have this chipset/video card combo on my motherboard now its not to bad nothing real special the IGP is ok but if your a gamer you obviously need to go and buy some real hardware