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Hello everyone! Its been a while.. too long haha. I have been really busy with work and the girlfriend and getting ready for university here in about 30 days. I have been having troubles with my laptop i purchased last winter for college. I havent had too much time to mess with it but have tried some different things for about 4 hours now and cant seem to figure anything out. It is a Dell XPS M1530 running Windows Vista Home Premium SP1. I think this is a fairly common issue with Vista so looking to see if anyone has any advice that might help. I turn on my computer, log in, and get to my desktop.. everything seems fine. It seems to run like normal for about 3-8 minutes before it locks up. The cursor will still move but no there is no input at all! After a few more minutes a Windows error pops up which says : " Logon process has failed to create security options dialog. Failure - Security Options." I have read a few other forums and people have claimed that McAffe, Windows Defender, and Windows Sidebar are all common culprits of this error. I have tried disabling both the sidebar and defender but it didnt seem to help at all. Im really wanting to get my laptop back to working shape before I move to college so if anyone has any ideas please feel free to throw them out there. Thanks in advance :D