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In another "Really? Someone paid to do a study on this?" news, theMichigan State Medical Society announced today that text messagingwhile driving is dangerous.

The news here, however, is exactly how dangerous it is. Apparently, ifyou text while you drive, you are six times more likely to becomedistracted and cause an accident. It is, apparently, the biggestdistraction while driving, according to some studies. The NationalHighway Traffic Safety Administration puts all cell phone use,including texting, at the top of the list.

According to the NHTSA, distracted drivers are responsible for nearly80 percent of all crashes and 65 percent of near-crashes in the UnitedStates. Other distractions: reaching for a moving object inside thevehicle, looking at an object/person/happening outside of the car,talking with passengers, eating, reading, applying makeup, anger,fiddling with radio or other controls and getting lost.

On the plus side, a whopping nine out of 10 people responding to aHarris Interactive Poll in August 2008 said they believed texting orsending e-mails while driving was dangerous.

"Drivingwhile changing the radio is distracting enough, let alone taking youreyes off the road to type even a short sentence or two," said MSMSpresident Richard E. Smith, MD, a Detroit obstetrician/gynecologist."It's very dangerous."

Thirteen states ban texting while driving, and six have laws banningthe use of hand held phones while driving. Michigan has neither law onthe books, but state Sen. Samuel Thomas introduced a bill in theMichigan Senate in March that would fine people $100 and charge themwith a civil violation if, while driving, they were "engaging innonverbal communication with another person, playing a game, orentering data" with their cell phone.

News wrote:

In another "Really? Someone paid to do a study on this?"


I need a job like this which does,nt require a whole lot of thinking!!!! I,ve had  2  brain surgeries and I can tell you first hand my cognitive thinking skills got a LITTLE impaired! It doesnt take anybody with any sence at all to know that texting while driving is dangerous  DA! They could have paid me to do this study! I could have drug it out for 6 months and then simply told them oh yeah dont do this it can kill you! Next time they need someone for a study like this give them my number 1-800-IM POOR


Watch the movie 7 Pounds and ask yourself if you're ever going to want to take your eyes off the road again.


Dave_HH wrote:

Watch the movie 7 Pounds and ask yourself if you're ever going to want to take your eyes off the road again.


I just got that movie yesterday matter of fact! I heard it was a decent movie.


Most of the teens

are texting while driving. Many of them drive with their elbow while using

both the hands to text. I tried the mobile application of  for texting and found it helpful. Now I do not text

and my full concentration is on the driving.


I think txting and driving is definatly the most dangerous combination while driving you could do even more than drinking and driving which no one should do! Im sorry to say that I,ve done both and I dont drink anymore and dont plan to txt and drive anymore.LOL course after 2 brain surgeries I dont need to be distracted at all.