Fat Drew
Can anyone help me? I don't have much money and I was thinking of getting a Radeon 8500. But, I've heard that there are problems with the drivers. Also, I've seen many different versions of the card, one said something about dual ramdecs(?) and one said single. Which is the best one? Also, is it safe to buy cards from the dealers on or ebay? Thanks for your help.
I have never heard of driver problems with ATI, but that is just me. If you get the Radeon 8500 get the version with the 128MB DDR on board memory.
I've just bought an ATI RadeOn 8500 64 MB DDR TV-OUT video card and I can say it performs very well, thanks to RudyR1999 and Pompoen for their advise.

It's fast, has a good picture quality, can be overclocked easily(if you want) and relativly cheap.

I have never heard of different versions of this card. If you have heard of it, please let me know. Make sure it has 64 or 128 MB DDR RAM on it, Manufacturer is ATI, 275/275 engine and mem speeds.

And don't forget to download the latest drivers from 
well the first drivers did suck, some games always locked, and the hardware wasnt functioning at full capacity

But everything is cleared up now, the more recent drivers are what you want them to be

And yeah there are differnt versions of them:

64Mb-128Mb, normal clocked-downclocked

I'm also happy to see Marki happy with something that rudy and I advized
Just for info the 128 version has a slower fill rate than the 64 meg version.
Fat Drew
Thanks for your help. I have one more question. Is there a performance difference between retail and OEM cards? The OEM cards are cheaper but if they're risky I won't buy one.
OEMs are usually clocked at 250/250, some are even clocked at 230/230. Keep in mind that MADE BY ATI (the real ones) cards have better image quality than the POWERED BY ATI (OEMs and 3rd party mfg's) becuase thet use different RAMDACS. Personally i woulndt buy an ATI card unless it was made by them. the combination of IQ and speed is what makes the Radeon 8500 a good choice (and price). If your ganna go with a 3rd party or OEM radeon then you might as well get an Nvidia card since the IQ will be the same.
If you;re gonna get an 8500 get the Retail One!
Fat Drew
Thanks you for your help everyone. An ATI Radeon 8500 retail is out of my price range, so right now I am leaning towards just getting a Geforce3 Ti200. I'm hoping prices will fall in the next month or so (I got a student's salary). Thanks again.
You can find places that still have the 64 meg Retail version for low 100's. The 128 meg version isnt worth it in my opinion.