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Finally, a solution for that perplexing issue that hits netbook owners the hardest. Asus has placed its recent design cues onto a new external optical drive, but this is no normal external optical drive. Instead of just reading back DVDs and CDs, the SBC-04D1S-U External Slim BD-Combo Drive plays back Blu-ray Discs, promising high-def playback on any machine with a USB port and enough GPU power to handle the strain.

The unit even comes with a stylish stand, and frankly, the upright position reminds us a little of the slim PlayStation 2 console. It is capable of reading 4.8X BD-ROM/R/RE and writing 8X DVD+R/24X CD-R formats, while the Turbo Engine increases the connection performance between the USB cable and the external drive. The unit supports most all flavors of Windows and ships with CyberLink burning software, and with dimensions of just 157x142x21 mm (W x D x H) and a weight of 14.53 ounces, you'll barely even notice it in your carry-on. Per usual, there's no mention of a price or release date at the moment.


Write SpeedDVD-R: 8X,- (CAV)
DVD-RW: 6X,- (Z-CLV)
DVD+R: 8X,- (CAV)
DVD+RW: 8X,- (Z-CLV)
DVD+R(DL): 4X,- (Z-CLV)
DVD-R (DL): 4X,- (Z-CLV)
CD-R: 24X,- ( Z-CLV )
CD-RW: 16X,- ( Z-CLV )
Read SpeedBD-ROM/R/RE: 4.8 X max.
DVD-R(Single): 8 X max.
DVD-RW(single): 8 X max.
DVD+R(Single): 8 X max.
DVD+RW(single): 8 X max.
DVD-R(DL): 6 X max.
DVD+R(DL): 6 X max.
DVD-ROM (Single): 8 X max.
DVD-ROM (Dual): 8 X max.
DVD-RAM: 5 X max.
CD-ROM: 24 X max.
CD-RW: 24 X max.
CD-R: 24 X max.
Access timeBD: 240 MS
DVD: 200 MS
CD: 200 MS
Writing ModeDVD-R & DVD-R(DL): DAO(Disc-At-Once)/Incremental Recording (Multi-Border Recording)
DVD-RW & DVD-RW (DL): DAO(Disc-At-Once)/Restricted Overwriting/Incremental Recording (Multi-Border Recording)
DVD+R & DVD+R (DL): Sequential Recording (Multi-Session Recording)
DVD+RW & DVD+RW (DL): Random Recording
CD-R/RW: DAO(Disc-At-Once)/TAO(Track-At-Once)/SAO(Session-At-Once)/Packet Recording (Multi-Session Recording)
O/S CompatibilityWindows 2000
Windows NT
XP compatible
Vista compatible
InterfaceUSB2.0 Data Buffer2 MB Bundle SoftwareCyberlink
Disc FormatsWrite: DVD+/-RW,DVD+/-R,CD-R,CD-RW,DVD-RAM


Disc Diameters12cm/8cm MTBF60,000 Power On Hours
Operating Duty Cycle (Read) 10 % POH
Operating Duty Cycle (Write) 2 % POH Mounting OrientationVertical and Horizontal ( +5 ° ~ -5 °) Dimension(WxHxD)157x142x21 mm (W x D x H) Weight412 gPower RequirementsDC+5V ±5%,DC+12V ±10 % TemperatureOperating: 5? to 40?
Storage: -30? to 60?


Very cool. This is something I would definately be interested in.


I like the look of it. very stylish without being over the top. Not sure I like the idea of having a external drive. I almost wanted one for my netbook when I first got it, but I now have 3 8GB thumb drives that serve much better.