Saw this new Creative gaming headset on their website... the Fatal1ty Professional Series Gaming Headset Mk II.. Looks pretty good and I'm considering buying them.. Anyone have any comments on their Fatal1ty gaming headset series? Is is worth the price tag?




From a thread I made a while back here

mentaldisorder wrote:

I don't recommend the Fat4lity

headset.  I got it "free" with my x-fi titanium.  They hurt my ears

after 30min, but the mic is great and the sound is pretty nice for

$50.  However, the headphones are not deep enough for me.  Otherwise I

can't really help.  You could try ABS or Plantronics.  I know there's a

ABS headset with surround and a mic for $35 at newegg...They also

appear to be deeper.  They could be worth a try, but again I'm not sure.



I can't tell you anything about the Creative Fatal1ty headset, but I can tell you about my Razer Carcharias. The Carcharias is extremely comfortable and it has great build quality. The sound quality is decent too. I'd recommend it to you if you are looking for a gaming headset. I think when looking for a headset it all comes down to brand, and the specific model from that brand. I hope I have been of help to you! [:D]


As Bob posted, I have the $50 Fatal1ty headset, and I don't like it.  The sound is nice and the mic seems decent, however my ears kill from using them.  They put pressure on my ears.  The professional line looks deeper, but for the price, I would go for something else and not risk it.  I'd say you're better off with Razer or Steelseries for that price.  I'm slowly losing faith in creative.  Also, the Fatal1ty headset seems pretty crappy as far as quality.  My friend has this Steel Series headseat and he likes it a lot.  Also the mic is retractable and he claims they are very comfortable.