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Today Intel is finally releasing new Core i7 models and speed bins to the market, as well as announcing a new flagship chip, the Core i7-975 Extreme Edition. Though it will definitely command a hefty price tag, at a stock clock speed of 3.33GHz and Intel Turbo Boost speeds at 3.45GHz (all cores) and 3.6GHz (single core), you can bet this new Core i7 is one hot-rod of a quad-core CPU. 

In the pages ahead, we'll wind it out around the test track and show you what the fastest desktop processor on the planet can do when it's tuned up for a touch more horsepower at the factory and made ready for production.

Intel Core i7 975 Extreme Edition, Tested and Burned In


What is so remarkable is that the Intel Core i7-975 Extreme Edition is now available in a notebook, laptop computer!!  To find out more and get one go to: