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Welp, looks like Sony's cat is sufficiently out of the bag. With E3 scheduled to get underway next week in California, Sony's biggest secret for the show is a secret no more. Just hours ago, official images leaked of what will reportedly be called the "PSP go." This new PlayStation Portable looks to be a smaller, more compact version of the existing PSP, and it looks as if it won't have a rear UMD slot. What's this mean for gamers? It probably means a cheaper PSP option, and it definitely means that more download-only games will be on the horizon.

A leaked video showing off the device explains that it will be sold alongside the current PSP, leading us to believe that the PSP go will be priced significantly lower than the UMD-capable PSP-3000. The sliding form factor resembles devices such as a Sidekick or Sony's own mylo personal communicator, and it will obviously place the controls underneath of the screen versus on the sides, as the existing PSP does today.

The video also explains that a few new titles are coming to join the PSP go in launching, but we don't suppose we'll hear any more details on that until E3 begins. As for the unit itself, we're told that it will come with 16GB of internal storage as well as Bluetooth built-in, and we don't expect Sony to ship it until this autumn. A cheap alternative to Nintendo's DSi? Who knows, this might just pan out for Sony after all.

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This looks great. I can't wait to see the other specs. Despite the promises, I'm doubtful it will be cheap, as they can keep the pricepoint the same and add RAM instead. I'm shocked to see that there's still only one analog control.

I love my PSP, but the only UMD I ever bought was one with an exploit that could be used to load my own firmware. So, the loss of the UMD is no big deal, and will be better for battery life.

But... you know, considering I just like to play with homebrew, instead of getting this I should probably consider a GP2x Wiz (


i hope so the specs are better than old ones