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As one of the largest computer makers in the world, Dell has

offered its own line of gaming machines for years. After Dell purchased

Alienware, however, Dell’s XPS gaming line became blurred with its Studio

multimedia computer line. Around this time last year, rumors began to circulate

that Dell was planning to kill off its XPS line. Dell quickly put those rumors

to rest and assured users that its XPS line was an important part of its brand

despite the company’s ownership in Alienware.

Times have changed, however. Now we’re hearing reports that

Dell plans to kill off the XPS line with regards to gaming. Moving forward,

Alienware will be the official game face of the organization. As a company,

Alienware has catered to gamers for years offering powerful notebooks and

desktops as well as a line of peripherals such as keyboards and headphones.

As part of Dell/Alienware's gaming strategy, aggressive

expansion will ensue. An “All Powerful” campaign is set to launch as the brand

attempts to expand its reach from six countries to 35. The first machine to

show off Alienware's new message is the M17x laptop.

The new M17x sports a 17-inch screen and checks in at $1,799

for the base model. This base config includes a 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX260M GPU

that can be upgraded to dual 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280M GPUs. The standard rig

also has an NVIDIA 9400M G1 GPU that supports Hybrid Power and provides for

longer battery life when the big graphics card is not needed.

CPUs for the M17x range from the Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz

P8600 CPU all the way up to the Core 2 Extreme Quad-Core CPU. You’ll get 4GB of

memory in this beast; up to 8GB of 1333MHz DDR3 RAM is available. The M17x has

a 250GB 7200-rpm hard drive that you can upgrade to a 1TB 7200rpm drive or to a

512MB SSD if you so choose. The optical drive is a slot loading DVD burner with

a Blu-ray option.

The M17x is no small machine, measuring 15.98 x 12.65 x 2.11

inches and weighing 11.68 pounds. Connectivity options include FireWire, four USB

ports, an eSATA/USB combo port, ExpressCard Slot, and an eight-in-one memory

card reader. DisplayPort, VGA, and HDMI outputs are also included.

Super Dave

The Alienware name isn't promoted in advertising as heavily as Intel, Dell, or HP, but their name alone is enshrined in computer gamedom. Dell made a smart move when they purchased the Alienware nameplate!  


I agree, might as well use that brand equity accordingly!

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I agree with you guys. As long as they offer models of about the same featureset at the same price as the XPS line, this is a good move.

On the other hand - Alienware has "cool" going for it, but they also have a reputation of being overpriced and having horrible support. They really need to overcome that if they want the brandname to be the next.... Dell. Hehe


wows i didnt know dell bought Alienware computer company.....


Alienware is probably one of the oldest Dream Machine Makers. Dell should keep xps alive because it will never be an alienware