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Hi guys,

I'm thinking about upgrading my video card, and im not really sure what to do. ahhh, decisions, decisions....

Im currently running a Gf's 2 MX 32mb, on an asus A7V 133 with 256 sdram and 850 Mhz Duron.

I'm not experiencing any problems with video at the moment, but looked up some spec sites on the Gf's 4 440 and was quite impressed by some of what i read.

Now my dilemma is: I like the look of the Gf's 4 440, and especially like the price... but im wondering if im going to buy it and be kinda disappointed cos it turns out to be not all that much better than my current card.

Would it be more worth my while to wait for the Ti's to come down in price and enjoy the alleged eye candy of hardware pixel shading etc or go with my impulse to buy the new toy on the market.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

You said that stats of the GF4 MX 440 looked good. Then you put the GF 4 in your computer and it didnt perform that well. Sorry to say it isnt the card because it is way better then your GF 2 card. It is your computer running SDRAM and just 850Mhz. That is where your bottle neck is. Even if you bought a GF TI board it wont perform all that well. Good Luck.
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cool man thanx!

i havent actually bought the Gf's 4 yet, adn that was my dilemma. I was thinking of upgrading my other components first anyways, I wouldnt mind getting one of the athlon XP's and a faster motherboard and maybe some DDR ram.

phew, that was a lot of money that I almost wasted!

now ill settle back with my still perfectly adequate set up!
This might not be saying much but I could tell a helluva difference when I replaced my Geforce 2 GTS to a GeForce 4 Ti 4400 on my Pentium 3 1000 system with SDRam. I had to play Comanche 4 with about everthing set on low and only 16 bit color with the GTS so it wouldn't get choppy, the sucker runs maxed out and silky smooth now. The bad thing is the GF4 MX 440 you want to get is slower than a Gf3 Ti200 and still doesn't have the shaders.
true, better get a GF3 Ti200
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