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Intel's new Xeon 5500 series CPU launched earlier this year within Apple's Mac Pro (of all systems), and has since filtered out to other computer makers and the retail market. Despite an overall contraction in demand for microprocessors, demand for this particular one has evidently remained strong. So strong, in fact, that Samsung Electronics is ramping up its 50 nanometer class production of DDR3 memory chips in response to increased demand stemming from the chip's debut.

According to Samsung, DDR3 enables OEMs to design servers that use up to 192 gigabytes (GBs) per system (16GBx12) and provides numerous improvements over its predecessor, DDR2, including at least a 60 percent improvement in power consumption and double the system performance, with speeds up to 1333 Megabits per second (Mbps). The report seems unusually interesting given all the other reports suggesting that memory demand was seriously on the skids.

Ali Sarabi, Director, Industry Initiatives and Pathfinding, Intel Corporation, had this to say about the announcement: "Our Xeon processor 5500 series together with DDR3 memory represents the most important change in system performance since Pentium(r) Pro processor was introduced 14 years ago. In addition, performance gains of the Intel Xeon Processor 5500 series relative to the prior generations are greater than for any Xeon processor we’ve ever delivered."