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Anyone paying close attention to the computing industry would realize that a few trends are picking up steam. Netbooks, smartphones and cloud computing -- and that's just to name a few. Cisco Systems, which definitely isn't immune to security breaches, is keying in on the latter one with a new network security lineup engineered to "help protect companies' Web-based software and services from attacks on their networks."

More and more, companies and individuals alike are relying on "cloud computing," which is a fancy way of saying that they're retrieving software, files and other information from the Internet rather than locally. Cloud computing provides ample benefits for users; it cuts down on the amount of PCs needed, it guards against disasters by keeping important files off-site and it makes things universally accessible to all with appropriate access.

Still, with so much critical data sitting elsewhere, companies have to be extra wary of viruses and other attacks that could destroy years of work. As Cisco works itself more into the software realm, the company has announced security products that include applications to filter through online traffic in order to keep external files safe. Additionally, it will offer services that aid firms in assessing their overall technology security. While many industries are contracting, this is definitely an area that is bursting wide open. No surprise, but Cisco's ready and willing to sa[censored]uard you and your data should you decide to dabble in cloud computing.