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PCs are increasingly becoming an item that people want to personalize to suit their performance and lifestyle needs and preferences. As a result, we’re seeing more and more computers with custom colors and unique styling. Dell’s new Inspiron slim and mini-towers offer plenty of design and personalization options for customers.


The new Inspiron desktops let people express themselves through a choice of eight color options, slim or mini-tower sizes, and custom configurations. Color options include Piano Black, Pure White, True Blue, Formula Red, Tangerine Orange, Spring Green, Plum Purple, and Promise Pink ($5 per system sale will be donated to Susan G. Komen foundation). With this announcement, Dell claims to be the only major consumer desktop manufacturer to offer color options for the entire front of the machine.


The new systems are fully customizable to meet your needs and budget. They are ideal for email, Internet, blogging, entertainment, and productivity uses.



We know true computer enthusiasts are probably rolling their eyes by now. After all, it’s what’s under the covers that really matters, right? On the new Inspiron desktops, you’ll have your choice of Intel Celeron, Intel Core 2 Duo, and Intel Core 2 Quad processors or AMD Sempron, Athlon X2, and Phenom X4 processors. Select systems also feature integrated Intel or ATI Radeon graphics or discrete graphics options. Some systems offer up to 8GB of memory as well as up to 750GB of storage on the slim tower or up to 1TB of storage on the mini-tower. Other options include a 19-in-1 media card reader, HDMI connectivity, and dual optical options (mini-tower only) including a Blu-ray Disc drive. The slim tower features a small form factor that is designed to easily fit in your home media center.


The new Inspiron slim and mini-tower desktops will make their debut in China today and will be available worldwide later this spring. Prices start at just $299.





Why do companies that release things that're colorful always feel the need to put some odd adjective before the color?

Like "Tangerine Orange, Plum Purple" --- why not just say its orange or plum? Is Dell in bed with fruit marketers?

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iono why they sell these things in colors that no one wants. Who the heck wants a puke green computer system?