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It's still far, far away from production (Q3 2011, best case scenario), but Tesla Motors is looking to turn the automotive industry on its side. Not that said industry isn't already upside-down, but we digress. The company has just revealed its stylish 4 door sports sedan, the Model S. The vehicle is 100% electric and can purportedly travel up to 300 miles on a full charge. We're told that it can be fully recharged in around four hours, but a 45 minute "quick charge" option should give you enough power to get home from a night out on the town.

What's somewhat ironic, however, is that Tesla is waiting on funds from the government that it has essentially mocked in order to make this beauty a reality. Thus far, the company has only sold a few hundred of its high-end Roadsters, and now it's waiting for funds from a $450 million government loan. Elon Musk, the company’s chief executive, stated that he is "highly confident that Tesla will be selected [to receive the loan], and it will occur this year." Of course, that may or may not happen, but he's been pretty certain it's a lock.

If all goes well, Tesla will sell the vehicle for $57,400, or around $49,900 after a government tax credit. Musk further pushed the value aspect by noting that "when gas savings are taken into account, buying a Model S will be comparable to buying a $35,000 Ford sedan." Call us crazy, but we'd definitely take the vehicle pictured here over a ho hum Ford.

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Hehe I beat the News poster to this 😛.


It looks like Aston Martin wannabe...I would definitely like to own it though...


Its amazing and not that expensive compared to other cars, I can't wait for this. IMO this is the future.


Tesla is really moving forward in making cars greener! They've partnered with Toyota recently and vowed to produce cars with electric motors. Since Lexus is their luxury brand they should also make lexus parts integrated either with hybrid or electric engine.


interesting...what does the screen bench in Metro?