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Boutique system builders tend to fall into three categories, there are the more custom or high-end offerings from some of the larger names like Dell/Alienware or HP/Voodoo (though you may or may not classify them as "boutique"), there are offerings from large e-tailers like Tiger Direct's SystemMax, and then there are independent companies as well, obviously. A few of the major names in this third category are MainGear, Velocity Micro and the company whose product we have on the bench for you today--Digital Storm.

Digital Storm as a company has been around since 2001. It has become fairly well known in the community for building solid computer systems, primarily targeted at the enthusiast, though they also have a workstation and server product line-up as well. The company has historically taken a design approach to their products that incorporates only top shelf, standard components in an effort to offer the consumer a high quality product that is both easily serviceable and upgradeable down the road. That said, even with top shelf components, quality systems with a reasonable value and price point are not always equal to just the sum of their components. We'll step you through the salient features, performance, and value of Digital Storm's 950si custom Core i7 gaming system and let you be the judge of what this boutique builder with a history for quality products has to offer. Check it out...

Digital Storm Custom Core i7 Gaming System


Looks likea  very stylish little PC. I would love to see one in real life. I like the case a lot.


It's no "little PC" that's for sure. It's a standard mid-ATX case and it's built like a tank. Really nice though...


That's a super clean build. Looks great.


All the Custom systems you've been reviewing lately look awesome. But do people actually buy them?


I'm actually getting that V8 Heatsink for my XPS. I have read good thing about it. I'm happy to see that other people are using it!