hi new to the site first post

right so im looking at a viso laptop on ebay with no key board the model is  PCG-9526 but i cant find that model of keyboard is there another model of keyboard that will fit this one

Super Dave

Welcome to HotHardware, Alan. I searched but couldn't find that VAIO keyboard anywhere! Don't know of any cross-referenced keyboards, either. Good luck.


Welcome to HH!!

If you can't seem to find that one, why not consider another model/make of keyboard for your laptop? I'd me more than happy to help. [:)]


do u know what modle of keyboard will fit


honestly i would have to tell you to stay away from the PCG series of sony laptops. They were so-so when they were first around, but there's so many more choices now-a-days, especially if your looking for a particular price point, you can go ultra portable for less than 300 dollars and get more than what you would find in the older models.

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yeah i use the vaio in school and there are loads of problems with them.. mouse stops working randomly and so does the keyboard sometimes.. and they are looked after well incase you think it's damage, thery're new this year.. i don' like them..