I guess I'd consider myself a gamer since besides gaming, the only other things I use my PC for are web browsing and watching movies/TV shows on Hulu, Netflix and YouTube. Despite being a gamer, I really don't care for gaming keyboards since I don't use macros and don't like big keyboards. What I prefer is slim/mini laptop style keyboards because they don't take up alot of space and the low travel keys suit my style. Previously I've been buying BTC mini keyboards for 20 bux on newwgg, but they don't last very long(keys start to stick after awhile and letters wear off very quickly). I decided I wanted to invest in a quality keyboard so I ordered an Enermax Aurora mini keyboard which features a brushed aluminum facade and everlasting printed keytops(only time will tell if they actually don't wear off). It came today, but I haven't really had a chance to test it... I'll update this thread later with my impressions of it's functionality. What I can tell you is that it looks great and seems to be a well built, quality product! The price of nearly 60 bux may seem high, but if it lasts at least a year, I think it's worth it considering it's something I'll use every day. A really nice extra feature that is has is a USB port on each side. It also has a very thick cord which I consider a plus although some may consider it too bulky.



I also play games and browse the web. The most typing I do is here. I have been looking for a new keyboard, but have not really found one that fits my needs yet. I am very much a touch typest and no matter how long I use the lower laptop style keys I just can't get used to them. A very nice looking keyboard and I would consider $60 not to high considering I spent the same on my mouse not long ago. A think a good mouse/keyboard/monitor is the best upgrades you can make.

Marco C

Bob--the ABS M1 available on Newegg would probably be right up your alley.  It's a mechanical keyboard (no crappy rubber domes), it's slim for a full-sized keyboard, and it's got 6-key rollover (sort off).  I have one and love it.  Although, I have switched it out for an imported Filco from Japan with the exact same layout, but different keyswtiches.


bob_on_the_cob wrote:

I am very much a touch typest and no matter how long I use the lower laptop style keys I just can't get used to them.

Understandable. I got a new mouse too... just got another G5 to replace my aging 1. I really like the orange tint on my old 1, but like the blue grip on the new 1 too!

I like the sturdiness of the mechanical keyboards, but have gotten so used to laptop style keys that I'm kinda stuck I guess. Like I mentioned though, this keyboard does have great build quality and should appeal to anyone who likes the short keys.

Marco C

That keyboard is going to last you a heck of a lot longer than a year.  The scissor switches in that thing are rated for 10 million keystrokes and the case will never warp, crack, etc.  The only problem you'll have is that the keys will get shiny from use--but the lettering shouldn't wear off.

If you ever want to get really crazy and invest is a killer, spacesaver keyboard, check this out:

Filco Tenkeyless on ebay

Expensive as all hell, but except for the shiny plastic keys which are almost inevitable with any keyboard, it'll last for ages.


Wow... very nice board!

Der Meister

I have had Me Logitech MX3200 for 2 years now. I love the thing, its good with battery life and it does well in FPS games...


Hi All

Marco, how does the ABS keyboard compare to the IBM Model M which I'm currently using. The only complaint I have about the Model M is that I can't get a black one. My whole setup is black except for the keyboard. But I really like the tactile feedback I get from the model M. I've yet to use a keyboard that comes close to to the Model M.


Hey Marco. I like that ABS keyboard. I use my Pentium D rig a lot when typing or browsing because I can't connect my old keyboard to the rig you build. No PS/2 ports. I have a old Dell QuietKey. Glad to see more Keyboard snobs here[:P] I have to have a good click to my keys. I can't use the dome switches. I find myself having to look at the keyboard to type.

Recoveringknowitall I never used the old G5, but I love mine(The blue one) The grip was wierd at first, but I really like it now. Still trying to get used to the cord. I have used cordless mice for years. I have noticed a dramatic improvement in games since I got the G5 though. I also use the Ratzpad mousepad. The 2 together make for a almost friction free surface.


bob_on_the_cob wrote:

I never used the old G5

Only diff is the finish and the fact that the old 1 only has 1 button on the side. I got an X Trac Pro mousepad.


recoveringknowitall wrote:

[quote user="bob_on_the_cob"] I never used the old G5

Only diff is the finish and the fact that the old 1 only has 1 button on the side. I got an X Trac Pro mousepad.

Looks like a cool mousepad. I like mine because I am kinda a cluts and mine is hard plastic so you can just rinse it off. That may be a downside to some, because it is raised a quarter inch or so, but I think a good mousepad is a must. As far as the G5 I like the feel of mine. After a 2 hour TF2 tourny my old mouse would be sweaty and this one never gets like that. The only time I use the side buttons is when online and I use the big back button most, though I do use forward ever now and then.


The only time I ever used/assigned the side button in gaming was when playing F.E.A.R. I bound use medkit to it so I could heal myself while simultaneously gettin my [censored] kicked on and offline(even though it only happened rarely)... ahh the fond memories I have of pwning face online. lol

Up till now I haven't been using a mouse pad since my polished desktop is IMHO an incredible mousing surface, but for some odd reason the teflon feet have gotten pretty jacked up so I hope the pad curbs that.



Been using the keyboard for a couple days now and I must say that the build quality is truly excellent. The tactile feel/response is very satisfying and IMHO even ppl who don't generally like the shorter laptop style keys would be willing to use this board and be comfortable doing so since the keys don't feel at all mushy... they're nice and clicky! lol

Here are my ratings on a scale from 1-5:

Appearance: 5_The pix don't do it justice, it loox sleek yet is elegant in it's simplicity.

Build quality: 5_Weighs almost 2lbs. so you know it's solid. Every key worx as it should with excellent response and travel. Very thick cable, although could be about a foot longer... no biggie though.

Functionality: 5_Has a handful of office hot keys as well as a handful of internet hot keys that should come in handy for most anyone. The keys have just the right amount of travel and click to them, when pressed they don't feel mushy like some lappy style keyboards and spring back with the sort of pop you'd expect from standard height keys. A USB port on either side is a very nice bonus!

Value: 5_The 5 rating is contingent upon being able to purchase it for the price I paid at newegg(56.99). Some places charge up to 80 which I feel is a bit too high.

Overall: 5_If the compact size of a mini board and lower height/travel keys are your cup of tea, I'm sure you'll find this unit to be wonderful to use and enjoy!


@reco nice quick review 🙂 I think that will help  some that are undecided :)