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You'll recall that Apple, continuing a trend in its latest products, announced that the new unibody 17" MacBook Pro would not have a swappable battery. For those interested, however, it has already detailed the battery replacement plan it has lined up for that nascent MacBook Pro model.

The three ways to replace it:

Apple Retail

Same day repair with an appointment.

Apple Mail-in

3 - 4 business days after shipment of unit to depot.

Apple Authorized Service Provider ("AASP")

Please contact an AASP in your region for specific turnaround times.


Region Cost United States $179 pre taxes Canada CA$219 pre taxes Europe €179 inc. VAT United Kingdom £139 inc. VAT Japan ¥19,800 inc. taxes Australia A$299 inc. vat China 1498 RMB inc. vat

Unlike its iPhone battery replacement plan, which explicitly states all data will be wiped from your iPhone, the MacBook Pro plan says your data should be safe. Note the word should, though.

The battery that ships with the MacBook Pro, as well its battery replacements, are warrantied against manufacturing defects for one year from the date of purchase.

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WTF? Have they never seen people like me that take two batteries with them when travelling because one never lasts as long as they claim?