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We evaluated the original Dell XPS 730 in early May, shortly after its initial release. At the time, it was Dell's latest high-end gaming machine and word on the street was that it would be the last to carry the XPS badge. Moving forward, Dell was to concentrate on their Alienware gaming brand and the XPS brand would lose its gaming focus to embrace multimedia and content creation.  Naturally, we checked with Dell directly, and while they did confirm the rumor, they also assured us that the XPS 730's life wouldn't be cut short and it would go one to live through a full product cycle. It seems they weren't bluffing.

Shortly after Intel released their new Core i7 processors about a month ago, Dell announced an update to the XPS 730 with Core i7 tech under the hood. The new XPS 730x is first and foremost a technology update. The Intel Core 2 processors and NVIDIA 790i Ultra SLI chipset powering the original XPS 730 have been swapped in favor of new Core i7 processors and Intel's X58 Express chipset. The XPS 730x retains the original 730's ability to support both Crossfire and SLI and as such the latest graphics options from both the green and the red camp are available.  Click the link below and check it out...

Dell XPS 730x H2C Intel Core i7 Gaming System


That is a pretty setup what i don't like is the lack of space that it has inside. because of all the hardware! I might be buying a 730x next year!


Where is the ECC? As memory becomes faster and faster, we need to start verifying that it actually works with ECC. EETimes have written articles on the likelyhood of single bit errors which are correctable with ECC starting to become a monthly occurence on most hardware, it is imperative that we start looking to correct single bit errors and track single bit errors rates.

It is unacceptable to pay massive premiums for high end hardware and leave ourselves open to the possibility bits are being flipped randomly and this not only leads to system instability but also potential data loss. I have always had ECC even on my "gaming rigs" and they are all solid and never crash. Not crashing is the first order of business even on a gaming rig.

Intel made a huge mistake making Core i7 CPUs with the ECC support apparently supressed. Its a big slap and an FU in the face of those willing to pay top dollar, but we are also entitled to the security ECC provides. Shameful we have these conversations in late 2008/early 2009.

Whats next, taking out ECC from hard drives, NAND and other storage devices to make them denser?


ECC? I remember when a pair of those were like gold ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$)


Is there any info on how loud the new 730x H2C is? I have a Velocity Micro Raptor I want to replace. It is sooo loud you can't speak in a normal tone of voice with the PC on. I need a good gaming rig, not an aircraft engine....


Hi I would like to know the cost of this system in dollars. My location is in pakistan's city karachi please let me know the shipment cost along with the system in $.



You're asking about a system that was reviewed almost three years ago. The place to buy one of these would probably be

If you're interested in a newer model, try going to and looking around. They will sell you a PC straight away.


i tried ebay as well but didn't found this pc on it please guide me from where i can purchase this system


Qasim wrote:

i tried ebay as well but didn't found this pc on it please guide me from where i can purchase this system

These PC's are over 3 Years Old.

You cannot buy one just like it anymore.

Go to and order one that is like it in some ways.