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Hey All,

Have any of you seen any weirdness with TV out on notebooks equipped with Mobility Radeon GPUs?  I got this question on the Toshiba Laptop Experts website and wanted to see if any of you have had a similar experience and whether or not you had resolved it.

Sunil asked,"I have a Toshiba A300d and it has a x1250 integrated graphics card. I am trying to use my s video cable but it doesnt work when I connect it to the lcd tv. I cannot change the settings on the laptop either and the FN5 key doensnt really do anything either. Would RGB work with a vga cable?"

I responded with, "TV output with ATI GPUs usually works fairly well. The first thing I would do is update your graphics drivers—you’ll find the latest Mobility Radeon driver here:

Once you’ve got the latest driver installed, shut down your notebook, connect your S-Video cable to the notebook and to your display, power up the display and choose the necessary input, and then power up your notebook. When you get to your Window desktop, open the display properties and enable the second display (it may not show up as a TV). You should then be prompted to run the multi-display wizard, at which point you can select “standard TV” as an option. And no, RGB won’t work with a VGA cable, but you shouldn’t need it anyway. Good Luck."

Is there anything else you would have suggested?


After I read the question first thing I would do is make sure they understood the steps needed to enable the second display which you did. Questions like the RGB to VGA are a good sign that you can break it down without being offensive.

After that if they still have issues you might lay itout for them step by step. Right click on the desktop, click on properties, open the settings tab so on and so on.



I had troubles back in the days the mobile ATI rage but not with the ATI radeon mobility line. update drivers, use catalyst control center to detect displays and adjust resolution on the detected display on the svideo connection. I think the max svideo can go is 800x600