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Earlier this DriveAssist unveiled its cell phone stopping tech, software designed to detect when a cell phone is moving at car speeds, at which point the phone would essentially be disabled. A new, competing technology called Key2SafeDriving aims to do the same thing, but in this case relying on hardware as well as software.

Key2SafeDriving has connects the car key to a cell phone via Bluetooth or RFID. When the key is used to drive the car, a signal is sent to the phone putting it into "driving mode." This is how it works:
  1. A car key is configured to wirelessly connect with a cell phone through Bluetooth or RFID.
  2. To turn on the engine, the driver has to either slide the key out or push a button to release it, then a “driving” signal is automatically sent to the associated cell phone, and the cell phone changes to “driving” mode, during which
    • Teen drivers are not allowed to talk/text while driving
    • Adult drivers need to use a hands-free device, and are not allowed to text while driving
    • Incoming phone calls/text messages are auto-replied to
    • Cell phone capabilities can still be used during an emergency (as required by law)
  3. When the car key is used to turn off the engine, a “car stopped” signal is sent to the phone, and the cell phone returns to normal communication mode.

The firm obviously hopes to gain insurance industry acceptance. One use posited for the technology is compiling data on cell phone use / non-use while driving, turning that into a "safety score" which then would be used by insurance companies to provide discounts to motorists with good scores. Shades of Big Brother. The site further goes on to say that:
The score also could include data recorded via Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites on the driver's speeding, rapid braking or running of lights, which are calculated by comparing the driver's position with a database of maps, speed limits, stop lights and so on.
Not that we haven't been expecting something like this; we have. Still ...

You can watch a video demo here:


OOOOO I want that just to see how fast i am going, and the differnce between my spedo.


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