Hi Everyone!

I'm getting a Razer Lachesis Mouse, Razer Destructor Mousepad, and a Razer Goliathus Speed Edition Mousepad soon, so I wondered what you guys think of Razer, and if you have any of their products.

Razer Lachesis Link:

Razer Destructor Link:

Razer Goliathus Speed Edition Link:


Hopefully they'll arrive by Christmas....[:D]




I like Razor mice though a bit overpriced. I have never used one of razors mousepads, but I have a Ratpadz XT. A great mouse is nothing without a great mousepad. It really does pay to have a good surface to mouse on.


I have been using ratpadz for years. My current 1 is a GS....really a great pad for the money


Never owned a Razer, but have used a couple... they're great performers! Although I personally use and prefer Logitech, Razer mice are their equal IMO. My reason for choosing Logitech over Razor is simply that Logitech mice feel more comfortable in my hand.

As for pads: I don't use em... I mouse directly on my table which has a very smooth surface.


Thanks for your opinions so far. [:)]

Recoveringknowitall, which Logitech mouse do you mainly use?

Bob, do you have a Razer mouse?


I've owned an MX518 and am currently using a G5, both are great for gaming and every day use!



tanka12345 wrote:

Bob, do you have a Razer mouse?

No I use a microsoft mouse which I'm looking to replace at the moment.


i won the Razer Lycosa Mirror Editon. Slightly overpriced. But I love it. Its not a POS. great quality and build.


I was thinking of getting a Razer Lycosa too, SqUID. Do you think I should?


I realize you're mainly interested in oppinions on Razer mice, but I couldn't help wanting to mention another brand that I'm very intrigued by.

Steel Series. At $70 the Ikari model is probably over priced, but there's just something about it that makes me wanna at least try it.




I've heard of SteelSeries before, but I think Razer offers better products.

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Razor mice are special mice that are ment to be held and used with your fingertips only for the best reaction and coordination with the mouse.  If you are like most people and just shove your mit on a mouse and leave it there, then a razor might not be your best option.  you can do that with a razer but its kidna pointless since that nullifies the whole design and the way the main buttons work for quick pressure and release.

I looked at getting a Razor mouse at the height of my FPS gaming in Halo for PC.  They are well designed and have only gotten better with age.  I doubt you would go wrong with getting one provided you can adjust to using it properly for maximum effectiveness in gaming.  Im sure there are numerous reviews on the Razor mice out there and even video reivews or shots of how they are supposed to be handled.  I have used regular ball mice to game, a cheap Memorex wireless optical mose, a MS Wireless Intellimouse Explorer 2.0, and my current mouse the Logitech MX 1000.  For me i couldnt stand the cords and the snagging.  I know that they might have improved on some of that for now, but i still prefer wireless and i get no lag with any of my wireless mice. 

I have though fallen in love with my fav mousepad though.  It is the XTrac Pro cloth mousepad.  Thin, dont move on my desk, my optical mice and my lazer mice work well on it.  What i love is that it is a great pad and doesnt cost an arm and a leg.  XTrac makes bigger pads and uses diff materials to so you can pretty much customize your pad for your preference of either liking cloth, or plastic, or a mix of both. 

Since you are a gamer, please make sure that it fits your hand and that you go to a store and try the mouse out and litteraly stand or sit there and try to get  the correct angle for the mouse when you play with it at home, and pretend to play an fps match.  Some stores even have referbs of the mice that you can ask to hook up to a compy to just play around with it, though you dont get the software, you can at least not look like a fool pretending to play a game lol.  The last thing you want is for your hand or wrist or fingers to get fatigued or hurt, so make sure the feel is right.  Also dont go overboard when you get it, go in spurts of activity with the mouse, and let your hand aclimate to it over time.  I also suggest you run it at a quickness that you can barely control.  It will mess your aim up and throw your game off, but do it, and in 2 weeks time you will have a significantly better aim and you dont have to hardly move your mouse to do it and you have great control over your aim as well able to do pin point shots better.  You might have to back it off a lil to find your sweet spot, but once you find it you will be a force to be reconed with.


tanka12345 wrote:

I think Razer offers better products

I'm not doubting you, but how did you come to that conclusion?

Personally I haven't had the opportunity to see/test an SS mouse up close so I'm only going by pictures and info.

BTW: If you haven't already, make sure you go check out what you want in person and test it out like Drago said... his advice/methodology makes good sense.

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I've actually got a Special Edition Razer Diambond back. It's pretty cool... Don't need a mouspad, plus it glows blue like my PC 😉. But ya, they're really comfortable and really smooth. Def better than some stock Dell mouse 🙂 My friends got a Lachesis, and that babies the boss, btw.


You guys with out mouse pads make my heart hurt. A good mousepad is really some of the best money you can spend. Just as important as a good mouse. I would rather have a cheap optical mouse and a good pad than a good mouse and no pad. It totally negates the mouse since it can't move smoothly even if you have super precise lazer.

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