I registered here just to post my experience with rodney's problem.I had exactly the same problem these few days.I bought an asus P5N73-CM MB and after installing express gate,the computer won't get past the MB screen evertime it's powered up.The only time it will boot past the Mb screen is when i disconnected everything except the video cable.I thought the PSU and HD were fried.I even went out and bought a new PSU and HD.But after installing Xp and express gate again,the problem reared up it's ugly head again.I disconnected the HD,went into the bios and disabled it,like sato did.Now,it's running fine


Seems like the express gate Software itself might have some issues....If anyone experience this problem in the future,I think it's best to just disable the damm thing[:)](!@#$% software made me waste so much $[:@] ......)


Hi!I'm new in the forum, and I'm having this error code too. I've bought some parts to my old computer and now it doesn't work. It appears this error code in the beggining and them it says that "USB device over current status". Does someone know what might be?