how do i overclock my pentium 1 233mhz comp? i dunno what mother board i have. if u know how plz email me at
when your comp starts up, try to get into the bios, most likly by pressing 'del' sometimes by F10. If you are in the bios surch for FSB settings or CPU settings. you honna find out that 233Mhs is 3.5 x 66Mhz. By changing these numbers you can change the eventually speed your CPU will be running.

ex. if yu could get the setting too 3.5 x 83 you would have a P2 293Mhz

good luck, welcome to the board
i doubt it will let him change anything if he has stock motherboard.....on my comp when i hit F10 at startup and go into bios....i've looked everywhere and i can't find anything about FSB and multiplier, and it will hardly let me change antying else(i have a compaq, but i am learning more and gettin more money, so hopefully i can get something new soon enough)
yeah viper you're right, i forgot to say, you have to get lucky with your mobo. If you have a OEM pc, or an intel mobo,you can try but...

Well, I must say that it is quite impossible to overclock a p233, because the periphals in the comp doesnt like being speeded. When oc:ing from 66 mhz to 83, you increase your PCI bus and memory bus speed a lot. As I know there is no hardware that supports this, so your only chance is having a really great mobo, which supports individual changing of bus speeds.
(I tried on my MMX to put it up to 266=3.5*75, but it went really instable, as for my new computer when I increase the fsb too much.)

Good luck... 🙂
hey PiloPhae, just wanted to say welcome to the forum
welcome to the board pilophae

i want to say i have oc'ed my celeron from 5 x 66 to 5 x 83 and everything is runnin stable like rock for months

every overclocker changes the FSB and in most of the overclocks the deviders (that defines the relation between FSB and PCI/AGP) stay unchanged. That doesnt give a prob, if you have made your comp with good parts. This is the reason why OEM pc's, like compac doent overclock good at all. the parts are low cost parts that doenst have a lot off headroom.
pompoen, is that all you can go, 85mhz? don't you think you can go a just a little higher than that?
i have a real old mobo, but maybe if i flash the bios...

i gonna look it up 'stante pede'
ehh cant reach abit's site
u guys are way too used to modern mobo's

since it's a p233, i don't think it has some fancy softmenu III or things like that (hell, that wasn't even invented yet). my advice, grab the manual and take your chance, if it fries, too bad just buy a new one, it's not like the p233 is worth much anyway (why you even try i don't know ).
i working with a cel 333 on an abit AB-BL6 here, so dont give me that 'oh in the old days before your mother was born' crap
pfft cel 333 big deal, i worked with a 386 as my first pc
have you oc'ed that thing at all pompoen?
all i can do with this mobo is raise the FSB from 66Mhz to max. 83Mhz what i did, but i cant find a newer BIOS on this mobo. Besides i dont know if another BIOS would give me better options