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 a  My sister has a Dell XPS M1530 Gaming Laptop , she says it cuts out frequently (the fan turns off and the screen goes black). I've never had this when I've used it although I have noticed the fan is noisy and the laptop gets very hot, it feels very warm on the keyboard. I've had a look at the fan and there doesn't seem to be much fluff so I'm thinking it's the fan and I'm tempted to replace it.
  My only concern is that it if the systemboard controls the fan it might actually be the system board that's faulty. Just after a second opinion really, anyone have any suggestions?


First off welcome to HH. Before you start ripping apart the lappy lets see if its overheating. Download GPUz and coretemp and take a look at what the temps are. Run something like prime95 to load the cpu and furmarks to load the graphics card. Let me know what the temps are or if it crashes running those programs.


What Bob said, also with some compressed air I would blow on the vents to get them cleared even If they seem partially blocked. Of course, do this with the laptop off.

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