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hi everyone. well waiting for the new processors to come out before my next project.

last one didnt turn out as great as expected. Still have some freezing problems. though not alot now.

but in the mean time is the 9800gx2 cards i have in my system becoming obsolete?

i have 2 cards in my system and recently took one out as did not really see the difference.

should i be looking to buy a new card or just get new drivers for my card? apparently you can get physx ones ?

moneys never been an issue as long as i can justify to myself.

so is there anything worth shelling out money for? or any way to imrove performance on my current rig?



Here's an idea: Sell both of your GX2s & buy a 4870X2... just a thought.


I would think the 9800gx2 still has a lot of gas in the tank. That is unless you have the upgrade bug then by all means[:D]