i'm quite happy this morning cause i looked on pricewatch like i do every morning for the asus A7V - the last component i'm waiting for to build my pc. today i didn't go away empty though. there is one site that has the A7V in stock. it is damn expensive though at $189 plus like $11 shipping but it's there and soon other stores will have it too so the price will go down. i haven't checked the specs on the site yet so i don't know if it has the unlocked multiplier. just thought you all might like to know. enjoy
Actually posted that they had it on pricewatch, but actually didn't have it yet. If you look now they say ETA July 12. Who knows when they will really have it... and they have $19.95 listed for shiping - yikes. Hopefully once more vendors have them available the prices will drop a bit. I'd like to see the price around $150 or lower. Also have you checked out the ABIT board?