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If you had read a Bloomberg story that floated across the wires at 4:37 PM yesterday, your heart might have stopped, and you might have rushed to sell your Apple stock.  But no, it was all a mistake, and quickly retracted.

The lengthy file contains not only a preliminary obituary for the

iconic Apple chief, but also a list of suggested contacts for a more

extensive story--Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Oracle CEO Larry

Ellison, and early Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki, among others.

The summary of Jobs' accomplishments, per the obituary, is that he

"helped make personal computers as easy to use as telephones, changed

the way animated films are made, persuaded consumers to tune into

digital music, and refashioned the mobile phone."

It's not out of the ordinary at all that Bloomberg would have this

written; all major news outlets have notable persons' obituaries

prepared in advance so that only minor changes need be made at the

actual time of death. That way, the news can be reported almost

immediately and can be updated with further detail.

That's true, and these are usually written for older celebrities.  Notable exception: last year, when it was revealed that Britney Spears' obit was already penned by AP (during the height of her meltdowns).

However, this does remind people of Jobs's gaunt appearance at WWDC (above), and his past battle with pancreatic cancer.  On the other hand, it gave Jobs an opportunity to read his own obituary, something most never get a chance to do.

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I don't think Steve Jobs will ever die.

Unless Xerox PARC does it first.


Tomorrow's story:  Steve Jobs dies of heart attack after seeing own obituary.

Super Dave

And then there is THIS story. 

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And does that really surprise you? Many celebs, whether Steve Jobs or someone else, feel no compunction about parking in handicapped spaces. In fact, based on what I see, many non-celebs feel the same way :-(

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Didn't even know he was rumored to be dead.



Isn't the internet fun