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I'm trying to upgrade memory on my Gateway desktop ?(hxxp://

Intel® 82810E chipset Motherboards

Tried two 168-pin 256MB PC133 MT8LSDT3264AG-133B2 RAM

I think the system is not recognizing either of these RAMs, no display after I turn on the desktop. If I try with one of the old 64MB RAMs (MT4LSDT864AG) it turns on but will not recognize the other 256MB. Please let me know what type of RAM do I need and where can I find it

Thanks in advance!            

Super Dave

Hi yahhuu, and welcome to HotHardware. I experienced a similar situation with a Gateway desktop a while back. The board was MSI (Brookings Flex?) and when I tried to upgrade the memory from two 64MB sticks to a couple of 128MB sticks the thing choked! No matter what combination of RAM I used the PC would not POST (but the two 128MB sticks worked fine in an Asus board). The only difference that I could see between the modules was that the 64MB's were single-sided and the 128MB modules were double-sided. I just assumed the picky mobo didn't like double-sided RAM modules and moved on. Some boards are just finicky.[8o|]


There was scores of problems with the 810 and memory. Most boards could get away with 133 but most had to run pc100 although #'s of white page specs suggested otherwise. Give a pc100 stick a go and see what happens. Also of note most pc100's these days are rebadged pc133 so if in doubt look to see if it might have a pc100 sticker over a pc133 sticker. Best of luck

Fold On!!!!!!


If you have acess to any other ram try and see if is its just that ram.

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