Yesterday after used my computer, i shut it down as always with no problem at all.

Today i pressed power button and the PC started normaly. A few seconds later it stoped on the XP logo. I waited a few minutes just to make sure it could be any minor problem, an actualization of windows software, slowly "stuff", this kind of "problems".

After too many minutes of waiting, i had sure the computer really had stop. Then i tried the RESET button with no success. Next i tried the ON/OFF button (hold it on) with no success either. I have to unplug the power cable directly because i couldnt turn off the PC.

After that i waited a few minutes to turn it on again. What a surprise! When i press the ON button  the PC makes some kind of a discharge just like it would turn ON. But it just do that. I can see some of my fans (only the ones i can see) spin with that discharge. Its just a click time power.

I checked all cables inside, they appear to all well connected. So yesterday all PC worked just fine... today i have this f*** stupid problem!

Its making me crazy!!! [:S]

Plz someone!!!


Try disconnecting the hard drive and see if it posts. As much as it pains me i had a drive to fail in simuliar fashion taken out my entire mp3 collection earlier this year. Does the fans and such continue to spin or does it just spin up and fall off? If it falls off then psu. Also try the optical's as well. If not 1 of the drives or the psu try 1 stick at a time on memory and also reseat the video card for good measure. If none of these help my friend you need a motherboard.Hope that helps

Fold On!!!!!!



Yes, i have tried all schemes. Unplugged memory sticks, optical drives, all my HD (3) one at a time, including my Video card cable. Guess what! when all components are well connected except my video card the PC does star normaly. All the fans, cpu cooler, hard drives and optical start to work normaly. But, just a 30 sec later the computer turns of by itself. I guess is because it detects NO video card.

Then i tried to connect the video card and ther you go... just one click, one discharge, one spin for the fans and cooler. I guess i dont have anymore choices do solve this... or do i have?!

Btw, how do i reset video card?!

Thanx... [:S]




You just answered your own question but may not know yet. It's your psu it can no longer support all your hardware. Resolution replace psu


Your point of view makes sense and i understand. But the computer has been working for the past 2 years since i have upgraded with the vcard??? And just now, sudenly it cant support anymore? You have to admit its weird at least...

I have a "new" issue... with all components connected (just as it always been) the PC boots fine until the video card screen appears (Nvidia 512Mb, bla bla bla). Note that i have unplugged the vcard power cable. But it turns off just after that screen. What is happening now? PSU again?

Everytime i connect vcard power cable theres just THAT discharge click and the computer does not connect.

Whats your opinion about that now?! [:S]


Sounds to me like your PSU is about to die. If it has to run at full load it might run fine for a long time, but it will die at some point.


Thank ya Bob. As i said before it does smell of psu and the 

Quote Everytime i connect vcard power cable theres just THAT discharge click and the computer does not connect.

Whats your opinion about that now?! Tongue Tied  Unquote


It's this vary thing that happened with my wifes pc about 2 months ago. It was a antec 500w that had to run maxxed for about a year with a 8800gts and a e6600 with a heavy overclock and did this exactly. Also you should know that i have worked as a computer tech at a high level for this makes my 18th yr( Yes sir I'm old) so believe when I say i have been around and seen alot of what can happen although i don't claim to know it all i do know most of it. I have repaired thousands of pcs so when it comes to diagnosis i can usually get in the ball park [:D] not to say i can't be wrong [:P] it's happened but its rare.Let us know if we can reccommend any psu's for ya , glad to help if I can

Fold On!!!!

Der Meister

It could be the GPU as well. Do you have anohter junk card thet you could throw in there to see if it the card or the PSU?


As i said i could be wrong all things are possible. If ya have a spare card give it a go


Well it really does sound like the PSU, my friend had the exact same

problem he upgraded his GFX card and about a year and 1/2 later the PSU

died. Anyway when he got a better one it worked perfectly. As said

before it could be the video card but it definetly sounds like the

PSU. Try a different GPU if you have an old spare one lying around or someone you know does before you replace the PSU or if you don't wanna risk making a mistake when replacing something or trying out different things just get your local computer shop to fix it for you.

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