Settings in the dram section of my bios of course, but what are they? What do they do?

DQS will help get your ram a little more in sync. Its only needed at very high settings. As far as tristating. Not sure but here is the patant. A synchronous memory device that avoids erroneous output while internal initialization is taking place. In one embodiment, a tri-state logic circuit is used to selectively tri-state an output buffer during memory initialization. The output buffer is used to output data from a memory array to DQ lines. Tri-stating the output buffer floats the DQ lines. Thus, data in the DQ lines is not output in response to commands. Control circuitry signals the tri-state logic circuit to tri-state the output buffer during initialization. In another embodiment, an external processor can be used to provide a read status command to the memory to determine the status of memory initialization. In this embodiment, tri-stating the output buffer during initialization is momentarily overridden to respond to the read status command.


Thanks, I've been looking all over for answers to those questions and have been finding zilch. Don't know where you found them, but great answers.

Are dimms 1 & 2 closest to the cpu socket, farthest away,  or does it vary from board to board?


I think it varys. Just plug them both into the same color like slot 1 and 3 or 2 and 4



Sandra says my mem bandwidth is like 11000 MB/s. If I had them in the wrong dimms(ie non-matching colors), they would not run in dual channel, and this number would not be so high. Correct?


correct. Didn't realize you were the same one with the weird memory from the other thread. If you run CPU-Z it will tell you what slots you are running ram in.



Good advice, hadn't thought of it. If I don't even have a stick in the dimm with the oddball trfc, and changing it causes a no post... that would be wierd. I'll find out when I get home.


I am in dimms 3 and 4. dimm 2 is the one that has to be 127.5 ns or it's a no-post. I'm not going to worry about it. Weird though.


yeah that is. Sorry that it limits your upgrade abillity. Maybe a bios update will fix it.

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