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 I read that this morning.  It's an interesting concept...  I liked the NVidia response as well, stating that CUDA is just a C compiler (which it is, it's true).

The future of graphics is wide open at this point anyway, so it will be interesting to see how the Intel factor will affect future offerings from both NVidia and AMD.  The use of the original Pentium architecture on a revised die size is something they may actually regret later on, as a revamped Core architecture may have been the better choice.  Only time will tell.


I hope Intel pulls it off really . Better prices from teams ATI/AMD and Nvidia after a more competitive market forced by a company with enough money in r@d to do what they set there minds to. Sounds like a win but it should be said Intel has always been known to play its hand close to the table. Who knows it would be nice to see a better market for gpu's , and what i mean is better bang for buck over all. Would be nice to see a lowering off the mid and  high end price points again.


Sounds like a win/win situation for all (Except AMD/ATI and NVidia.) Wasn't AMD working on something like this? I thought that Larabee was a big reason AMD bought ATI in the first place. I haven't heard anything about it since the merger.


When I said win who I meant was for the consumer since this will force a more competitive atmosphere for the gpu market. To tell you the truth i don't give 1 thought to the outcome of a company's bottom line and I will tell you why when company's go under there isn't usually 1 fatal blow it's usually from repetitive bad business moves. Intel entering the fray will not put AMD/ATI out of business now for Nvidia maybe. Lets look at what seems to be shaping up. It appears as though AMD and Intel has decided that they should get tough and lock Nvidia from the chipset business and limit them from growth into what may have ultimately mean Nvidia R@Ding  there own cpu ( I wonder if Nvidia hasn't already started this!!) since they still have the capital and need the growth from long term chipsets sales since this is a considerable drop in earnings for them. Considering the price they appear to be getting for the sli bridge to intel and not having to spend r@d money on amd and intel chipsets gives them a piggy bank to awe the stock holders with they could head in this direction with an existing motherboard design on either platform ( Yes i like competition). However if it goes the other way and nvidia loses all there traction in the market and there ability to remain we as consumers will go on. Any remember 3DFX ??   Business's come and go I'm not a stock holder with any of  However it should be said i don't think Nvidia is any where near in that bad a shape.


When I said win/win I meant consumers and vendors alike. And I agree with everything you say in your reply.