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Hey men ,
anyone have that extra p4 1.3 - 2.0 that they need to get rid of , well i need a new computer. I am looking for a complete system with all the goodies +Monitor. If you have an extra or are willing to give me a good price on a new one , reply eh? LOL i aint canadian. LatEzz
how about this system PNY G-FORCE 4 TI 4600 SAMSUNG SINGLE STICK OF 512MB DDR 2100 HARD DRIVE YOUR CHOICE ANY BRAND YOU WANT 80 GIG 7,200 RPM EIDE XP 2100+ CPU FIC AN11 MOTHERBOARD/W PROMISE RAID ENLIGHT 72370 CASE WITH P4 AMD APPROVED POWER SUPPLY SOUND BLASTER AUDIGY X GAMER VIEWSONIC 19" E90 MONITOR 1600X1200 .27mm MICROSOFT NATURAL ELITE KEYBOARD MICROSOFT INTELLIMOUSE EXPLORER SONY 16X DVD PLEXTOR 40X12X48 RE-WRITER SONY FLOPPY 1.4 mb US ROBOTICS 56K HARDWARE MODEM this is one system I am building will be done next week you can have it with operating system or without $1760.00 + $25.00 AIR UPS INSURED DELIVERY EVEYTHING IS NEW WITH MANUFACTURER WARRANTYS if this is out of your ball park I will build whatever system you choose (just pick the parts) but if you like games THIS IS YOUR SYSTEM!!!
that is a good system, and it comes with everything he needs, but still, don't you think $1760 is a little too much?

i don't think it would cost near that much to build a system like that....not trying to take away your business nock, but just trying to help storm out.....

storm, you can build a computer that good for a lot less than that, and there's many advanteges to that, 1. you save money, 2. you learn about comoputers a lot more, so you know more about it if something goes wrong, and 3. you can put in it exactly what you want

it's your choice, but i would advise reading around the forums and reviews, and you could build one much cheaper
I don't think you can build it for much less than that . Even if you go to pricewatch, they usually make up extra money on shipping ($25 for a CPU?!)
Monitor and video card are pretty close to $700 alone
yea, but he already has a monitor, keyboard and mouse, or he wouldn't have been able to make that post, so that takes away at least $350
plus like i said he could build exactly what he wanted, not what someone else had already built
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