And I won't promise it isn't stupid! I thought a "guest column" might be a good idea. Or maybe even a review. Even geeks want their 15 minutes of fame. 🙂 Couple this with some kind of prize and I am sure you'll get plenty of takers. Well that's my idea.

:::Cue awkward silence then delayed laughter:::


Do you mean that members could submit a review/column to the admins and potentially see it published? If so I think that it'd be a great idea! I do not think I would take part personally but it'd be kinda cool to see one of the normal members have something published

I would love to right some reviews!

bob_on_the_cob wrote:

I would love to RIGHT some reviews!

Hopefully not with that kinda spelling [:D]


I love the idea. Not sure my own writing would be up to par, but I would like to try.

Any comment from staff on this?



 There is already a customer reviews and product feedback section in the forums for just that


Yeah but that is in the forums. I was thinking of a guest spot on the front page....


 Hmm Maybe HH could do up somthing so if someone puts up a good post in the forums in that section it may have a link or shortcut on the home page. I am sure it wouldn't be hard to do.


That would be cool. Kind of like a guest Geek thing.....


nECrO1967 wrote:

Any comment from staff on this? 



I don't really have the last word on this, but if someone puts up something real good, I think we could work something out and get it some front-page coverage. At the very least we can have a news post that points to the review in the forum, with full credit to the author of course. Obviously it would be on a case-by-case basis. Is it well written? Relevent? Has it been reviewed already? etc. 


Another idea is user written guides. We have a few in the forums already but I'm sure we could work up some front page exposure for a well written guide.


If this takes off and there is a lot of interest, a new guest section wouldn't be out of the question. 


Thanks for the reply Mike. Reviews and guides are great. I was thinking opinion articles wouldn't be bad either. I guess since this was my idea, I need to get started and write something. I'll look at the guides and pick something not already done. I would review something but none of my current hardware would be of interest to anyone. Not to mention I lack the benchmarking software to do proper testing. Thanks again for your reply.


EDIT: I am working on a guide as we speak. Not sure how long it will take but I will submit it when it is done.


EDIT #2: I am almost done with my guide. Where and to whom do I send it.(Iwas going to ask where I can put it, but I was afraid of some of the answers) :)