I can already run multi monitors to share the screen, but I want to run multi monitors to display the same thing (like the 20+ TV's in stores all showing the same thing).


Marco C

You just have to set the second screen to mirror the first, not span your desktop across both screens.


 Ok, I have been working at it, however the simple solution is eluding me, specifically how would you go about doing this for  windows vista??

thanks for the help :)


What type of GPU because it cant be done via  VIsta control Panel, I just tried. Out of curosity why do you want to mirror it?




Currently I am just relaying information from my coworker, because he is trying to do the mirror thing. My apologies, he was using a XP pro computer, if that helps. We want to mirror it, because we have 2 8x20 ft projection screens with 4 projectors, meeting at 90degrees in the corner of our lab and the one computer that is hooked up is on the otherend of the lab. So if it was mirrored, it would be easier to control the other screen by looking at the computer itself, instead of looking at the screen across the lab.

thanks for your help