"Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close, we are sorry for the inconvenience." and then a bunch of crap under that.....i get this error when i click anything on the desktop(shortcuts) or on the start menu. but only the first time i've clicked in a few minutes, for example: i click my computer and it comes up, then everything on desktop and the start menu will disappear, reappear and i can do whatever i want without any errors. running win xp home. anyone else had this before or know what's wrong please help, it is VERY annoying, and i really don't want to reformat.
Reminds me of a couple of viruses that attacked .exe files, but I've seen the same thing happen with a KyroII vid card. See if you can open regedit and notepad, if you can chances are it's not one of the viruses I'm thinking of.
don't know what regedit is, but i opened notepad and everthing worked fine, also i don't have a kyro card, but thanx for the trying to help cadjack
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