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Responding to the Demand for Next-Generation Notebooks, OCZ Introduces DDR3 Laptop Memory for High-End Mobile Systems

Sunnyvale, CA—July 7, 2007—OCZ Technology Group, a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory, today announced the all-new DDR3 SODIMM modules as its next generation notebook memory to support the impending Intel Centrino® 2 mobile platform.  These latest memory offerings for notebooks help reduce power consumption and increase speed and bandwidth, resulting in a higher performing laptop. As next-generation laptops are introduced in the upcoming weeks, OCZ is prepared to deliver high-performance DDR3 for these advanced gaming and professional systems.

The benefits of DDR3 memory now extends beyond desktop systems to laptops, offering increased frequencies at lower voltage requirements. OCZ’s PC3-8500 and PC3-10666 SODIMM kits support enthusiast-grade performance and bring speeds to notebook systems that were previously unimaginable. Early-adopting gamers and professionals will benefit from the more productive computing experience that the combination of the new Centrino 2 technology and OCZ DDR3 modules can provide.

“The Centrino 2 platform is a logical extension of Intel’s efforts spearheading DDR3 acceptance in the enthusiast segment in the desktop sector,” commented Dr. Michael Schuette, VP of Technology Development at OCZ Technology. “From a technical standpoint, DDR3 memory technology is far superior to DDR2, from the higher frequency range resulting in better overall system performance to the energy savings at idle stemming from loss-less termination to the supply-voltage level and resulting in paramount energy savings in the typical notebook usage pattern.”

Woot awesome next year or the one after that according to the laptop bus and memory speed clock I can get addr3 laptop. Lol 90 percent of all laptops max out at 667 ddr2 a minor amount can use ddr2 800. Where did they get the idea anyone can use ddr3 in a laptop at all?
Der Meister

wow ddr3 for laptops whats next ddr4 for desktops?