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Typical of Firefox releases, a number of sites have begun leaking

downloads to Firefox 3 (final).  Naturally people will rush to these

downloads and start downloading, as most of us are impatient.  We say: don't do it!  Why not?

Well, don't you want to see Mozilla a Guinness Book of World Records record? Mozilla is running "Download Day" as we wrote about earlier. All right, honestly there is no prior record for the largest number of software downloads in 24 hours, so they're going to set it anyway (as long as they have all the documentation they need).

However, if they want to keep that record, at least until Firefox 4, they will need as many downloads from their servers as necessary. As Mozilla says:

We will internally host 10% of the downloads, retaining all of the logs for these downloads, and will use this as our sample set to extrapolate the actual download number and percentage of completed downloads.
So, the more from their internal servers rather than mirrors, the

better. It's also unclear if downloads before 10 AM PDT, the official

launch time, will be accepted.

So, if you're going to download early, download again later!  Let's set that record!

Pretty cool. FireFox beats IE in everything.
I guess thats 7:00Eastern right!
All records are made to be broken....I can't really say that this one will not be in a short time either.

What if google offered $1 to each individual that signed up for gmail -- I think that would probably break this record......anyway I don't really buy into this sorta stuff unless mozilla says they will donate to some charitable organization if they get a certain amount of DLs within a day (something related)

Buzz it up! 🙂
Der Meister

Just got mine now



 All buzzed up!

Firefox 3 'Download Day' Cripples Mozilla Site

Mozilla’s website bit the big one shortly after the launch of Firefox 3.

But its all good now got mine!!!

Crisis Causer

I downloaded it to add to the record party.  W00t!

i hope firefox does set a new record, im still on rc1 of ff3. gonna go and download right now and again, and again, and again!

 Well I now am running Windows Vista Ultimate and firfox 3 and checked it out looks pretty good THEN I tried to post  in  forums and it kicked me out said error loading page.So just to make sure hadnt lost connection tried 3 other sites and was able to get on them! So I went and made IE default and was able to get in the forum! Guess I,ll have to sort this out!