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We have just posted a new article here at HotHardware in which we expand our coverage of the GeForce 9600 GT by doing another round-up of three retail cards: the PNY Verto 9600 GT, the MSI N9600GT OC, and the ASUS EN9600GT SILENT. As you might expect, all three of these cards sport 512MB of GDDR3 and a 256-bit memory interface. What you may not expect is how different these three cards actually are. Two feature custom coolers, one of which is passive, making it silent. Because of their custom coolers, two of the cards are dual-slot solutions while the third uses the single-slot reference cooler. Only one of them ships with a factory overclock while the other two utilize NVIDIA's reference clocks.  Click the link below and check them out...

GeForce 9600 GT Round-Up: PNY, MSI, ASUS

Crisis Causer

I'm surprised the 9600GTs were pretty much equal with the 8800GT in Crysis.  The fewer stream processors (64 to 112) clearly doesn't matter much in that game, which is surprising.


The latest drivers from NVIDIA change the story in Crysis, as you will see in my upcoming ASUS 9800 GTX review. [H] The 8800 GT 512MB outperforms the reference 9600 GT by several FPS IIRC.

Im suprised that the 8800 held its own.
Crisis Causer
The 8800GT is actually meant to be slightly faster than the 9600GT, hence the still slightly higher price. Nvidia's naming convention is just all over the place.

Dude, NVidea is DA BOMB. Best video card of all times!


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