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 For me it's how consciousness evolved or how our space is so big.

Crisis Causer

Yeah space boggles my mind.

Expand the pic on the right of the page.  Amazing.  There's so much there.  And humanity will never go to even a fraction of it.  10,000 galaxies...


What...we aren't the only planet? The hell? That's news to me!

Kidding of course! Space has always fascinated me.  

Savage Animal

Space absolutely blows my mind. Physics in general always amazes me, String Theory (believe me i am far from a mathematician or physicist) is absolutely mind boggling. I love the theory of thousands of universes being completely independent of  each other yet right next to each other sort of like bubbles in a bath tub. If one collided with another it could completely change life as we know it. Or in another universe you are still you, only completely different, different job, different wife, different interests. It's really cool stuff. 


The little things. Outer space scares me. [:O]

Speaking of mind boggling- has anyone here seen Primer?  

Der Meister

dark matter, parrellel realities


2 movies that really make me think... Donnie Darko & They Live.


Racism. It amazes me how some people can hate based solely on the color of someones' skin and actually have no rational, statistical, logical, or legitimate reasons to support their hate.

My wife. It amazes me how much she loves me and it also amazes me how my capacity to love has exceeded even my own wildest expectations since she's come into my life. 

Peppermint Patties. The marriage of smooth dark chocolate and cool creamy mint. Amazing. 

Desmodromic valves. It amazes me that Ducati has taken an old concept (V-Twin) and reengineered it to compete, and beat, the much more technologically advanced inline 4's. Ducati's L-Twin engines truly are a work of art and is one of the most beautiful sounds my ears have heard.

Nina Simone, the High Priestess of Soul. We recently passed the 5 year anniversary of her death in 2003 and since that day, since her light was extinguished, the world has become that much darker. 


TOOL - their music absolutly amazes me!

How poor of quality Lenovo repaired motherboards are. CMOS battery holder snapping. not so fun.
Der Meister

 Enter I must agree with you 100% on that one

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Human Stupidity, Why Pizza is round but comes in a square box, Racisim, Hot Dogs come in packages of 8 and hotdog buns come in packages of 10, how unrefined CSS's hitbox system is (will add a youtube link here later), and how Cheese Its get all the cheese flavor on such a small cracker (lols)

Eric wrote:

Hot Dogs come in packages of 8 and hotdog buns come in packages of 10

Bulletproof Monk... lol!



It amazes me how anybody who drives faster then you is a maniac but anyone driving slower drives like your grandmother. everyone should just be as good of a driver as me[:D]


it amazes me how my fiance is never wrong but I am all the time[*-)]


it amazes me that every single house I have looked at in the process of house hunting is a foreclosure and hispanic people live there now and the place is trashed. This is not a racial comment by any means but is absolute fact. I have looked at aleast a dozen houses in 2 different neighborhoods and this is absolutely true. No wonder the houseing market is the way it is. Whatever happen to people having pride in the place they live[:@]

Crisis Causer

I'm amazed at the Detroit Red Wings.  Good grief, what an amazing team.  They earned the win but I hope my Penguins learned from the defeat and can make another push next year.