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According to Digitimes, who always seem to know someone inside everywhere, VIA will roll out their own dual core processors by the end of next year, and will manufacture their processors using 45 nanometer scale architecture.

VIA has also revealed more details of its initial-launch Isaiah-based processor, which will feature a core frequency of 2GHz, a V4 Bus speed from 800-1333MHz, and two 64KB L1 cache and 1MB L2 cache pairs with 16-way associatively. The CPU will be manufactured by Fujitsu adopting a 65nm process. The CPU is pin compatible with the company's C7 processors.

Taiwan-based VIA is the largest independent manufacturer of motherboard chipsets in the world.

This could be very interesting. VIA has always been know for making ultra efficient processors so with this being their first Dual Core i'm curious to see how it will perform.
Excellent news! I love seeing new competition in the PC components market. I thought that Intel and AMD were all there was going to be for a long time in the CPU realm, too. Go VIA!
Via has been in the CPU market for a long time actually but they are tailored for a different market. Usually they go for embedded systems as well as mobile devices.
Crisis Causer
Hopefully they become more competitive for the average user to buy. When is the last time you saw a VIA powered computer at an electronics store?
Actually they are all over, Most touchscreen systems you would see at a store or a restaraunt have VIA processors in them.

Next year Intel is rolling out their 32nm procs.. 😞 so it won't be running with that big dog ;)


 Kinda slow these guys are. I didn't even know these guys before now.

Crisis Causer

Never heard of VIA?  They're classic.  There used to be a lot of VIA chipsets too, but there's much less now-a-days.  I had an old VIA shuttle computer, and man did it have problems.  Oh well, I still kind of like them in a pet way.