Thinkin of getten a 8800GT or a 9600GT, but in the end I decided to wait to see how the prices settle.  Now the prices on the 9600GT have dropped, and the cheapest I could find is $140 (but one of the big 3 (BFG,EVGA or XFX) is more at around $150:  Now, I found this XFX 8800 GT XXX Video, 256MB DDR3 for $120 – but it also comes with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – which kinda makes this a better deal. 


The 9600GT is $20-$30 more – so the 8800GT still looks competitive, but everyone has been telling me to try COD, so to me it is more like a $60 difference.  Does this make getting the XFX 8800GT XXX a no brainer, or am I missing something.


I mean how can I go wrong for $120 + a game I want to try? Is there some $150 card coming out in the next month that will blow the 88800GT performance away?



You can see that the 256mb one has 400mhz less power in memory speed and basically your game experience will not be as good as you will expect it to be. Get the one with 512mb or memory. 

Crisis Causer

256mb is really pushing your luck in todays games.  Resolutions above 1280x1024 and with AA will suffer.  But if you're on a budget and trust rebates, then go for it.  Remember, $150 will be leaving your account, not $120.

If you're not planning extreme resolutions and AA, the 256mb 8800GT will do you fine.  But buying a video card seems to be a long term investment for you (you still have an X850XT), so I must recommend a 512mb card.  The first card peti linked to is a better long term choice than either the 256mb 8800GT or the 9600GT.  You will have to buy CoD 4 separately, but you'll be getting more life out of the card and thus not have to upgrade again until later, thus saving you money in the long term while giving more performance now as well.  It's the smarter choice (the 8800GT 512mb).

Don't play the waiting game.  Prices always drop, performance always goes up.  ATi's 4870 will be out at the end of June (according to rumours) so that may drive prices down on other products, but who really knows?