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Futuremark has just officially unveiled the latest version of their 3DMark benchmark suite, 3DMark Vantage.  Like PCMark Vantage which was released a few months ago, this latest version of 3DMark was designed for testing Windows Vista-based systems.  This latest version of the 3DMark, however, is specifically bound to Windows Vista because it uses some advanced visual technologies that are only available with DirectX 10, which you may know isn't available on previous versions of Windows.

We've  put together a quick overview of 3DMark Vantage and its individual test and have it available for viewing right here:

Futuremark Unveils 3DMark Vantage


i want to see kam bench this.  the game tests dont look too stunning for something thats supposed to showcase dx10. maybe its the low res screenshot or something. will definatly want to bench this if i ever get a dx10 card. 

Crisis Causer

Not only do I not have Vista, but my CPU is too weak.  That will tear threw most systems out there.  Not Kamrooz' though.  Now where is that little devil?

we all concluded that the beast got him 😛

I just finished building my latest computer, and I purchased the 'advanced' edition of the new 3DMark suite, so I'll let you guys know how it comes out.


I'm excited for the new software... its always interesting when new benchmark programs are released and a new standard is set.


I ran it the first time but forgot to turn off a few background applications but even like that my computer got raped. I got P5347 3DMarks. My configuration is in the signature. 


 Oh damn, Just seeing that my CPU makes the bare minimum of the reqirements makes me cringe. WTF is up with them raising the resolution specs on the monitors to such an extreme degree??? i know benchmarks are supposed to push the limits but that is a little rediculous. I'm not made of money 😛


I guess the people who benchmark for a living will continue to buy the entire package. and a few folks here and there will buy the $7 package which will bring in more money that all the folks who have just been downloading and using the free versions since 2000, yeah 3dmark2000 is the first version I recall using. some people paying $7 or $20 yields more money than millions paying nothing..


peti1212,in your sig you've got to modify the E6600 and put Q6600