everybody im a new poster here but I have started to become interested in all
things computer so I have been mulling around these forums reading posts. I
found a computer on sale that really struck me because of its price. Keep
reading down to see about it. My question is if this is a good deal? I mean
come on 250 bucks!! Thats insane! All comments are appreciated and thanks.


Video Card- GeForce 5500fx says it works pretty good
when overclocked says he gets  currently 30-36 fps in World of War Craft

Intel 2.6 GHz Processor

2GB Ram

17 inch CRT Flatscreen Monitor

This is what he said verbatium

 “Around 100GB HDD.  Couldnt tell you the exact amount, but i
split the HDD into two drives, but got too lazy to format the other
partition.  but if i split it in half and ones 56gb then yeah, its around
100 gb total.”

What does splitting a hard drive entail? What is the point?

Sound Blaster Audigy SE sounds card.

 HP DVD Writer 300n

XP Professional SP2.

 Microsoft gaming mouse, and fully functional

says that the speakers are awesome but either way I don’t care I have my own

a headset If I want it

is all for the price of $250.00

this a fair price? What else should I get the specs on before I commit?(I mean
this definatly isnt just what is included in the PC) I defiantly want to
upgrade the grafix card ASAP what should I get from here I would hope to play
some pretty nice games like COD4.  

else would you recommend for the PC? What do you think the real value of the PC
is? Thank you all for any feedback.

Crisis Causer

That computer will not be able to run Call of Duty 4 atm, and even with a graphics update I doubt it would.  Considering it has a GeForce FX, that means it is AGP.  That means although it says "Intel", it is the extremely outdated Pentium IV.  Don't bother, mate.  That's a dead end system.

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 I sold a better system a year ago for about $200. Personally if I were you I would offer $150. You do seem excited about the deal, I don't know exactly what the price of things in you area is like. If you are happily willing to pay that price and you've looked around I say go for it.


Der Meister

 Indeed 150-200 max. the P4 is dated and the Vid card is very old...



now how much do you think I would spend if I wanted to upgrade to say something that can run COD4 just using it as a benchmark


What should I ask for in terms of more detail of the computer unless thats really all I have to know? 


hey guys here are some adds i found on craigs list tell me what ones I should look at


maybe im stupid and have found crappy ads but I really dont know what a good deal is I dont want to spend over 750 max but i am willing to buy a comp then upgrade it 

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 Mate really if you want to be playing Call of Duty 4. You should go for a different system altogether. 

Crisis Causer

I'm not sure if you want a desktop or laptop.  You are linking to both.


That's a complete system, Mobo, CPU, GPU, RAM, HDD, Case, PSU, DVD.

Current price: 


That's pretty much the minimum I would recommend.  You could get a smaller Hard Drive to save $ if you want.  However, I recommend instead of the 8600GT video card, that you go for this 3850 512mb: 

This would raise the price, of course.  The 8600GT will run CoD alright though.


thanks crisis 

first like doesnt work 

dev what would you reccomend 


ok so the seller insists that all of this is worth 250 can anyone give me some proof that its not like comparisons and prices i believe you all but i just dont want to pay more than i have to help anything is great!! 


Not a bad system. 

A few things could be changed.

-RAM choice isn't bad at all. There are quite a few deals for RAM for around $20 after rebate. I'd rather not list now since you sometimes have to jumpe right away on them. I can look for some if you decide to build a pc instead of buying a built one from someone.

-I personally wouldn't buy that power supply brand.

-I built a system with that PC case before. If you buy it, just be careful as the edges are a bit rough. I cut myself on the case, but it wasn't too bad. I could possibly give you a case. I have a spare one that a friend is currently using. He's using it for now until he buys another case. It is a Ultra Grid case (side window version).

Let us know if you plan on building a pc instead. We can keep a look out for hot deals and look for the best price for you. 


wow man that would be really cool of you if you can[:D]

I definatly want to build my first PC but obviously there are so many options and deals my heads going to explode

If you could spare a case that would be awesome no worries though

I am always looking for deals due to my not so good income( im selling stuff on craigslist to pay for most of this)[;)]

Any new ideas would be great I made a new topic actually about this so reply wherever.

 thanks again to all who are posting

wait what do you mean?
Super Dave
Hi Chrismic3. If you really want a PC that will run COD4 I suggest you Google Call Of Duty 4 minimum requirements. The $250 PC you are considering does not meet those requirements. While it does have sufficient RAM, the CPU barely meets the minimum requirements and the video card is definitely lacking. I am not saying that $250 is a bad price to pay for that rig (but you will need a better system to play COD4)!