Hey everybody im a new poster here but I have started to become interested in all things computer so I have been mulling around these forums reading posts. I found a computer on sale that really struck me because of its price. Keep reading down to see about it. My question is if this is a good deal? I mean come on 250 bucks!! Thats insane! All comments are appreciated and thanks.


Video Card- GeForce 5500fx says it works

pretty good when overclocked says he gets  currently 30-36 fps in World of War Craft
Intel 2.6

GHz Processor
2GB Ram
17 inch CRT Flatscreen Monitor

This is what he said verbatium

 “Around 100GB HDD.  Couldnt tell you the

exact amount, but i split the HDD into two drives, but got too lazy to format

the other partition.  but if i split it in half and ones 56gb then yeah,

its around 100 gb total.”

What does splitting a hard drive entail? What

is the point?

Sound Blaster Audigy SE sounds card.

 HP DVD Writer 300n

Running XP Professional SP2.

 Microsoft gaming mouse, and fully functional keyboard. 

 He says that the speakers are awesome but either way I don’t

care I have my own

 Lastly a headset If I want it

This is all for the price of $250.00

 Is this a fair price? What else should I get the specs on

before I commit?(I mean this definatly isnt just what is included in the PC) I defiantly want to upgrade the grafix card ASAP what should I

get from here I would hope to play some pretty nice games like COD4.  

 What else would you recommend for the PC? What do you think the real value of the PC is? Thank you all for

any feedback.


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